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Mad Cow Puzzles

These lovely wooden puzzles come in 4 levels of difficulty, Tricky, Difficult, Very Difficult and Extreme. They are designed and made in Devon, many of the wooden components being shaped in Sweden using sustainable birch. Force is never required to solve these puzzles, just patience and some lateral thinking! Note: Colours may vary.

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The BilateralThe Bilateral Puzzle

Puzzle CrackersPuzzle Crackers

The TrilateralThe Trilateral Puzzle

The Full MoonThe Full Moon Puzzle

The DrumsticksThe Drumsticks Puzzle

The Log PileThe Log Pile Puzzle

The WoodwormThe Woodworm Puzzle
The SnakeThe Snake Puzzle Picture

The Mad CowThe Mad Cow Puzzle

The WanderingThe Wandering Puzzle

The QuadrilateralThe Quadrilateral Puzzle

The Rope LadderThe Rope Ladder Puzzle
The TimbersThe Timbers Puzzle
The TriangleThe Triangle Puzzle
The Garden GateThe Garden Gate Puzzle
The LumberingThe Lumbering Puzzle
The SquareThe Square Puzzle
The GatekeeperThe Gatekeeper Puzzle

The BlockThe Block Puzzle

The CageThe Cage Puzzle
The BarrelThe Barrel Puzzle
The TowerThe Tower Puzzle
SeeSawSeesaw Picture
SlideSlide Picture
The CrossThe Cross Puzzle Picture