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13th Labour of Hercules13th Labour of Hercules Puzzle

Scott's EnigmaScott's Enigma Puzzle


Pandora's BoxPandora's Box Puzzle

Puzzle BarPuzzle Bar




Great GrandpapachuckGreat Grandpapachuck

Little DevilLittle Devil Puzzle

Rhombic StarRhombic Star Puzzle

Strung OutStrung Out Puzzle

The BlockThe Block Puzzle

The CageThe Cage Puzzle
The BarrelThe Barrel Puzzle
The TowerThe Tower Puzzle

The Log PileThe Log Pile Puzzle

The TimbersThe Timbers Puzzle
Arch RivalArch Rival Puzzle
MosaicMosaic Puzzle
OrbOrb Puzzle
UrchinUrchin Puzzle
SandpiperSandpiper Puzzle
CitadelCitadel Puzzle
PorcupinePorcupine Puzzle
TempleTemple Puzzle
PorticoPortico Puzzle
LabyrinthLabyrinth Puzzle

SerpentSerpent Puzzle

StellarStellar Puzzle

PharaohPharaoh Puzzle

QuantumQuantum Puzzle

Newton's CrossNewton's Cross

Soma CubeSoma Cube

Danzig's DilemmaDanzig's Dilemma Puzzle

Multi-SpinMulti-Spin Puzzle

Lost MarbleLost Marble Puzzle

Trapped MarbleTrapped Marble Puzzle

Ancient TangramsAncient Tangrams Puzzle

TriTri Puzzle

ScrewballScrewball Puzzle

BallBall Puzzle

AtomAtom Puzzle

Warren MazeWarren Maze Puzzle
Flat CrossFlat Cross Puzzle
Cross OverCross Over Puzzle
Paradoxical BarrelParadoxical Barrel Puzzle
Paradoxical StarParadoxical Star Puzzle

Magna CubeMagna Cube Puzzle

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