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Metal Puzzles

There is something quite irresistible about the jangling noise, the feel of cold metal and the hours of frustration which lie ahead! There are now so many metal puzzles to choose from, where do you start?


Nail jailNail Jail

Nail BiterNail Biter

Last nail in the coffinLast nail in the coffin

All four of the above puzzles + a bonus puzzle - Bed of nails box set

Box of 5 nail puzzles Bed of nails

QuandaryThe Quandary Puzzle

StingThe Sting Puzzle
MenaceThe Menace Puzzle

EnigmaEnigma Puzzle


Double 'S'Double 'S' Puzzle

Double KeyDouble Key Puzzle

Snake and StarSnake and Star Puzzle

AntlerAntler Puzzle

Save The FlagsSave The Flags Puzzle

CricketCricket Puzzle

Ring MazeRing Maze Puzzle

M & WM and W Puzzle

Ring LockRing Lock Puzzle
Trick LockTrick Lock Puzzle

Key Maze

Key Maze

Man The Torpedo

Man The Torpedo

Globe JigsawGlobe Jigsaw Puzzle

Lunatic Lock

Lunatic Lock

Internal CombustionInternal Combustion Puzzle
Brain GameBrain Game Puzzle
Labour Of LoveLabour Of Love Puzzle
Madman's MazeMadman's Maze Puzzle
IndefinityIndefinity Puzzle
Mortal CoilMortal Coil Puzzle
Hell's BellsHells Bells Puzzle
Bungler's BlockBungler's Block Puzzle
Metal Gordian KnotMetal Gordian Knot Puzzle

Brain Tangle 1Brain Tangle 1

Brain Tangle 2Brain Tangle 2

Brain Tangle 3Brain Tangle 3

Brain Tangle 4Brain Tangle 4

The BoomerangThe Boomerang Puzzle
The Dead RingerThe Dead Ringer Puzzle
The ClawsThe Claws Puzzle
The SwitchThe Switch Puzzle
The TriangleThe Triangle Puzzle
The Ring LeaderThe Ring Leader Puzzle

The Puzzling Professors Puzzles For KidsThe Puzzling Professors Puzzles For Kids

Metal Mayhem Puzzles Difficult RangeMetal Mayhem Puzzles Difficult Range

Metal Mayham Puzzles Extreme RangeMetal Mayham Puzzles Extreme Range

Twisted Box SetTwisted Box Set

Tangled Box SetTangled Box Set


Tormented Box SetTormented Box Set

WasherWasher Puzzle

LoopamaniaLoopamania Puzzle

HorseshoeHorseshoe Puzzle Picture