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Children's Puzzles

Puzzles are great way to introduce kids to problem solving and lateral thinking. The puzzles on this page have either been designed especially for children or lend themselves well towards the younger age group.

Puzzles on the other pages will also give achievable challenges to more experienced young puzzlers, but we would recommend that you start with the difficulty level 1 puzzles.

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The BilateralThe Bilateral Puzzle

The Puzzling Professors Puzzles For KidsThe Puzzling Professors Puzzles For Kids

SeeSawSeesaw Picture
SlideSlide Picture
SwingSwing Picture
Witches HatWitches Hat Picture
Kids - Brain BafflerBrain Baffler Puzzle Picture
Kids - Head SpinnerHead Spinner Puzzle Picture
Kids - Sense SizzlerSense Sizzler Puzzle Picture
Kids - Mind MuddlerMind Muddler Puzzle Picture