Revomaze Extreme Silver

(Opening: Average 160 hours - ONLY a few people completed so far!)

Just as you recover from the REVOMAZE Extreme Bronze, the journey takes you on to the very complex REVOMAZE Extreme Silver, the fourth puzzle of five.   

This fourth puzzle contains part four of the code map.  You will need all five maps to be eligible for a stake in the Prize Fund.

Revomaze have introduced The Dead End, Gravity Pins, Canal, Rabbit Run, Motorway, SWAMP and a Very Special Finish! If you fail you can quickly start again using our unique patent pending reset method. Taking the REVOMAZE Extreme Bronze which takes 40 hours average to solve, then adding many extra twists and turns, the Silver will take 100 to 300 hours pushing you to the very limit!  

The few people who have officially opened the REVOMAZE Extreme Silver around the World have taken an average of 160 hours! This may well be, in our opinion: 

 *** The Hardest Puzzle In The World *** 

However, this claim only stands for a short time, while Revomaze Extreme Silver prepares you for the final puzzle to complete your journey - the Prestigious REVOMAZE Extreme Gold!

Level             Extreme (90)

Made In England


Ashton Pitt Ltd. and Puzzle This are not responsible for any misuse of this product. This product must not be taken in hand luggage on aircraft or in other high risk security situations. 


Revomaze Extreme Silver Picture

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