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Don't Break The Bottle (The Vise)

Don't Break The Bottle (The Vise) IQ030

Don't Break the Bottle Wine Puzzle is an ingenious gift idea for the perfect host. Perfectly devious, that is! The Vise is a wooden wine bottle puzzle designed to confound and amaze your guests! At your next dinner party, graciously offer your guests a drink and present the bottle, clamped closed with the wooden Vise puzzle attachment. Sit back and enjoy the show as they pull, push, and probe at the wooden puzzle components in their struggle to release the tasty libation from lock up! Will your guests earn themselves a well deserved shot of Brandy? It's not up to you, it's up to this brain teaser wooden wine bottle puzzle!
Fits opened or sealed standard liquor, liqueur, high neck beer, and champagne bottlenecks 1.5" wide max. Includes: 3 wooden puzzle pieces, instructions.

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